Custom Blend 4

Fusion has created 32 little recipe cards offering you a simple way to mix colours.

To create Custom Blend 4 you will need to purchase Fort York Red and Picket Fence.


Advice From Laura Faye CUSTOM BLENDS Tip Guide

  1. Choose the Fusion Mineral Paint colors needed to achieve the color you want.
  2. Use a consistent measuring device, such as Tablespoon dedicated only for paint mixing.
  3. Use a plastic container with a lid ( such as a margarine container) to blend your paint while mixing the paint for your project. When painting, just pour it into a tray or paint it out ot the container. If any paint is left over, make sure to put it in a container with a tight fitting lid to keep the paint from drying out.
  4. Only mix what you think you might need, that way the unused paint of the base colors can be used on its own or to be mixed with other colors for another project.
  5. If you have to mix more paint for your project, stop at the coat you have finished even though you have a little left to use. Mix more and mix the two batches together. Then Continue painting your next coat.
  6. Mix well when combining colors and before using.
  7. Most of all experiment and Have Fun!!!


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